A bit of crossword theory

Consider a specific example. You need to find all sorts of arrangements for such data:

Above shows one of such locations. How to sort out all possible arrangements?

We do this in the following way. We assign to the key (the left of the figures), such groups of cells,,>. Now create a list that will keep the place where we will arrange these groups in order. In places where we will put these groups will store zeros. Thus, we get a list of places. Placing all means the group of cells in order to obtain a seat, as it is easy to make sure we get all the required placement of the data from the task. If the group in order to put in place with the numbers 1, 3, 4, we obtain the arrangement of the example above. Thus, it appears that all the combinations of locations equivalent number of places on the number of groups. When choosing any way places, where to put the team, we have one of the possible locations. For example, the number of data is equal to ten locations. Questions of "Why in the final group at the end is not zero?" And "Why is it seats five?" Conscious reader must answer himself.
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As it pertains to fixing a crossword what's “difficulty”?

Initial, a happy believed. We occasionally note a study we commissioned, which recommended that, more than 7 thousand individuals, in the united kingdom choose which paper to purchase at-least simply about the foundation of the crossword. We note this, obviously, so it requires cash, and since America’s free push has been unnerved. What is the fact that subscribers towards the Ny Times crossword would be the only factor keeping away a several-year long Cuban Missile Crisis.
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