Crossword history

Crossword (English crossword -. Words intersection) - perhaps the most widespread game in the world with words. Its recognition in Russia crossword received after the publication of "Ogonyok" magazine in 1929. The history of this puzzle - in our material.

"the progenitor" modern crossword considered found in the 19th century plate with the image of her pattern (similar to a crossword puzzle) during the excavation of an ancient Roman settlement Korinum. Stove is dated III-IV centuries. And already in 1939 during excavations at Pompeii, archaeologists discovered an inscription on the pillar, which could be read as from right to left and from top to bottom. Researchers attribute the date of its creation to 79 AD.

As for the modern crossword, here primacy challenged the United States and United Kingdom. For example, residents of Albion say that the first crossword puzzles published in the middle of the XIX century in The Times of London newspaper. In Washington, however, believe that this game was first published in December 1913 in the Sunday supplement "Fun" to the New York World newspaper and came up with his journalist Artur Uinn, who emigrated to America from England. Europe overtook crossword epidemic in the 1920s. Since then, many newspapers and magazines regularly publish them.

Many believe that Russia's first crossword puzzle was published in the journal "twinkle" (Number 18) on May 12, 1929 (in May 1929 "twinkle" even started a special section for this). However, the Leningrad literary magazine "Cutter" He insists that the first publication of the game made it, and it happened almost four years earlier – December 2, 1925.

crossword – one of the most popular crossword puzzle. Definitions of words are given in the squares just inside the grid, and the words and answers are entered in the directions indicated by the arrows. The grid ideal skanvordov should not be empty cells.

US - near the crossword grid are words that need to fit into the grid, it is sometimes given a hint — the net already written some words or letters.

Japanese crossword – In this puzzle as needed, based on the code number of tips to solve encrypted picture. By and large, this is not a crossword puzzle as such, but the phrase "Japanese crossword" stuck.

Hungarian crossword is a field of cells, which have already entered the letters responses. The chain of cells that make up each response, neighboring cells must touch the sides. Word responses do not overlap and do not share cells with other words. This puzzle is much simpler classic crossword.

Chaynvord - crossword view, in which, as the name implies, is the intersection of word line. Chain of words constructed by splicing, where the last part of the preceding word is the first part of the next. If two adjacent words are common only one letter, then a grid, as a rule, make out on the basis of crossword, introducing into the cell with the first letter of the next word number of the given word the question.

Estonian crossword very similar to the classic, but the grid does not contain any empty cells. Cells that do not belong to one response, delimited by a thick line.
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As it pertains to fixing a crossword what's “difficulty”?

Initial, a happy believed. We occasionally note a study we commissioned, which recommended that, more than 7 thousand individuals, in the united kingdom choose which paper to purchase at-least simply about the foundation of the crossword. We note this, obviously, so it requires cash, and since America’s free push has been unnerved. What is the fact that subscribers towards the Ny Times crossword would be the only factor keeping away a several-year long Cuban Missile Crisis.
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