How to solve Japanese crosswords?

Hello, dear readers. Japanese crosswords different from the usual that do not need to rack their brains to guess a variety of intricate words to address them. Japanese crossword encrypted image that you want to solve by painting cells.

Crossword is a field consisting of a certain number of empty cells which are in the process of solving a paint over the desired sequence shown in figures tips.

Figures hints indicate the number of shaded cells in the vertical and horizontal lines crossword, and wherein each digit together form a group of the shaded cells are left between which pass into one or more empty cells.

For the convenience of counting cells unite into squares of 5 cells, and the squares themselves secrete thick lines, which allows conversion from five cells.

Groups of cells are colored in the order in which numbers are arranged hints: for horizontal lines begin counting from the left boundary of the field, and the vertical line from the upper boundary. But it must be considered that depending on the pattern between a first cell group and the border of the field may be some empty cells.

For example. The horizontal line with numbers 5. 3. 1 can paint over this: a group of five cells -> Pass -> group of three cells -> Pass -> one cell.

Vertical line with numbers 4. 1 . 1 can paint over this: a group of four cells -> Pass -> one cell -> Pass -> one cell.

Crossword puzzle are beginning to find large numbers of tips, which are in the vertical and horizontal lines, because these numbers with a large number of confluent cells are colored first, followed by those of shaded cells are repelled by further solving a crossword puzzle.

When solving a crossword Japanese usvoyte a few rules:

1. Use a pencil, as it gives a chance to erase mistakes in the case of a wrong decision and continue to solve a crossword puzzle. In the event of mistakes I do not recommend wasting time searching for errors, and clear the board completely and start solving a crossword puzzle from the beginning.

2. In the process of solving the crossword necessary to mark empty cells, which may not be the drawing. This reduces the search area and facilitate solving a picture. As a rule, cross out empty cells or cross marks the point. If the mark points, the image can be impressive.

3. Each group found by shaded cells separated on both sides of a point or a cross. Assume that we have identified a group of five cells in a horizontal line 5, 3, 1. Hence, before the first and after the last cell of the set point.

When all the groups of cells are found in a horizontal line 5, 3, 1, each separated from both sides.

Well, now that the horizontal line 5, 3, 1 finally found all three groups of cells, but still have empty cells, then these empty cells fill points, since this line is no longer shaded cells should not be.

In the same manner, and we proceed with the vertical line.

4 . Figures-tips line which will be completely filled with dots and groups, it is advisable to cross out. Crossed out the figure would indicate that the line is completed, and this figure is no longer necessary to pay attention.

5 . Japanese crossword no approximate solutions # 8212; Only a precise calculation. It is impossible to paint about a cell or select a blank.

The very process of solving a crossword Japanese is very difficult to describe, because its solution there are many "ifs" that are within the same page does not explain. Take at least one box at a spray painted several variants may occur with "if."

I suggest you watch the video, where in the process of solving a crossword puzzle I tried to tell the main points, the possible nuances and little tricks.

You can also read the article and watch the video how to solve Sudoku. Good luck!
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