Interesting facts about the crossword

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The biggest crossword composed by Canadian Robert Turko in 1982. In it, a total of 82,951 square and 25614 words.

By the number of Crossword leads Englishman Rodzher Skvayrz, who composes and publishes a weekly average of 42 "wordplay". To date, the total number of his works has exceeded 50 thousand.

The minimum time to solve a crossword puzzle in the newspaper Times - 3 minutes 45 seconds - costs in the course of the competition, organized by the BBC radio program "Today"43-year-old Englishman Royn Din in December 1970.

In May 1966, The Times received a letter from a resident of Fiji, said that she only just managed to solve a crossword puzzle in the newspaper edition of April 4, 1932. Thus, the maximum time taken for the solution of a crossword puzzle is 34 years.

As it pertains to fixing a crossword what's “difficulty”?

Initial, a happy believed. We occasionally note a study we commissioned, which recommended that, more than 7 thousand individuals, in the united kingdom choose which paper to purchase at-least simply about the foundation of the crossword. We note this, obviously, so it requires cash, and since America’s free push has been unnerved. What is the fact that subscribers towards the Ny Times crossword would be the only factor keeping away a several-year long Cuban Missile Crisis.
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